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story fam

Friday, June 1, 2012

Revo-Day 1

So I intended on posting some cool pictures, but quite frankly I am so tired that it will have to wait.

Day one was not really spectacular.  I have to admit that today presented some challenges for me!!  The kids are burnt out on my breakfast rotation, so I need to mix that up.  Lunch was a rushed ordeal due to dance recital conflicts (I won't mention that things got hectic due to lost costume pieces-oh, I just did!) and dinner turned in to sandwiches to keep things super easy.

I did learn that it is VERY hard to stick to the healthy eating plan when out and about.  I will admit that tonight I  wanted a cherry coke zero so badly that I almost caved!!  When my 10 year old reminded me that I could cheat and no one would know, I took that moment to share that a) it wasn't honest, and b) regardless as to whether or not I bought the soda, she wasn't getting Reece's peanut butter cups.  It was interesting to walk into the student center "snack" shop and not be able to find ONE single healthy item to purchase.  Thankfully I had packed Ella dinner with plenty of food to carry over to snack time.

The reality is simple-it is harder to eat better.  I do have to plan and prepare.  Even if we are going out, that isn't an excuse to buy junk.  It was  hard to tell Ella that she couldn't have the cookie that her friends were having.  I just didn't feel like it was necessary. 

So chalk this day up to making things work. 

Tomorrow WILL be better!!!!

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