story fam

story fam

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ribbons and streamers and jiggly parts-oh my

Last night I was pampered. First I got to rest my eyes on the couch after dinner-this cloudy weather has zapped ANY energy that I had at the beginning of the summer! Then my littlest one (Emmy) decided to rub my back. It was so sweet!!! Before I knew it, the side of my t-shirt had revealed my side....and then the fun began. It sounded something like this:

"EEW, why do you have ribbons and streamers on your skin Mom? Do those hurt? Why aren't they tan like your other skin?" -asks Emmy

"Well honey, those are called stretch marks and I got them because I've been pregnant 4 times and have 5 kids (note that there is a bit of irritation in my tone)."-I calmly reply

"Disgusting"-says Emmy with a giggle

"Yes they are!"-I sigh

At this point I hear a muffled laugh from the kitchen-Derek/Daddio is on the computer thoroughly enjoy this exchange.

"You've got a jiggly part Mom."-Emmy then points out as she starts to knead the loose skin around my midde

"Please stop doing that."-I request-I mean come on!! Like I don't know that skin is flabby!!

More laughter and conversation about the skin ensues and then.......

"Mom, what is that in your hair?"-Emmy questions

"That is a gray hair."-Daddio gives his two sense

"No Dad, it's a piece of popcorn"-Emmy shrieks with laughter

And you know what, it really was a piece of popcorn. Know what else...I have no idea how it got there.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dad's Cookout

July 3rd

This year we spend Friday night at Grandma Choo Choo's. While she was gone in sunny CA, the Story family and the Kirk family decided to have a staycation together. We met Uncle Tim and Aunt Christine in the late afternoon and hung out, cooked out, and enjoyed the Towanda festivities. Sleeping arrangements were arranged: Emmy and Fiona with Uncle Tim and Aunt Christine in their camper; Michael and Derek in the tent; Peris and Ella with me in the house (no my friends I am not an outdoorsy kind of gal/Mom-and PS, there is NO air in my Mom's house which constitutes roughing it in my opinion!!!). We all got to bed late and had a really great night!! Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for the 4th-we woke up to really heavy rain which continued ALL day. Thank goodness for those moblie weather programs where people can check the forecast via their phones. We knew that the doppler radar was showing rain for the entire day. The kids got their candy regardless and Michael got to ride with Uncle Tim and Uncle Tom to throw candy. We spent Saturday night with Tim and Christine again and then went to the postponed cookout at my Dads on Sunday.

It was a busy, but fun, weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Best Wiper

As a Mom, I pride myself on being many things: a comedienne, a personal chef, a personal trainor, an activities director, a chauffer, a spiritual guide, a teacher, a counselor, a referee, a fianicier, a plumber, a laundress-and the list could go on. If they offered a Doctoral program in Motherhood, I am sure that by now I would have earned my PhD!
But today I reached a new high. I earned the most coveted title yet...what is it you ask?
Drum roll please.....
I am...the best booty/tushie/patootie/bottom/ wiper of the poop.
Yes, you read it correctly. In the world of my 5 and 6 year old this is the most prized of all compliments. While my meals are scrutinized and my ability to put together an outfit has been questioned, hand me a sheet or two of the Cotonelle and I am respected. My technique has been perfected over time. While I may not have been a rock star at potty training, I have now found my calling!!
So even though the college degrees have been put on the back burner, I have earned yet another badge on the sash of Motherhood....
Poop Removal