story fam

story fam

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 8 - The Pop Tart

Redemption!!!  So the kids were complaining that there was "NOTHING GOOD TO EAT" in our house (shocking, I know) so I decided that we were going to try the homemade pop tarts (100days recipe).  Warrior girl (a.k.a "The Baker"-she wears many hats in this family) loves to bake and quickly volunteered to help!! We were really short on time so I hoped that this would be quick-it was!!!  We made the dough in our Ninja (pictures on left side of photo) in less than 5 minutes and then moved on to rolling it out on the table. 

The rolling was pretty easy.  The dough definitely needs to be cold, so if you try this recipe make sure that you refrigerate the dough if it starts to get warm. 

You could fill these pop tarts with pretty much anything.  We used our Great Harvest raspberry jelly because it aligns with our food rules.  In my head I was thinking how yummy these would be with Nutella!!!

The final product!!  These were delish!!  I have been laying off of the gluten and will admit that I did eat 1/2 of a tart.  I just couldn't resist!!  


Meals for today:

Breakfast -  Scrambled eggs, pancake bites, left over zucchini bread

Lunch - Sandwiches, veggies, fruit

Dinner - left over grilled chicken with corn tortillas, veggies, fruit

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