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story fam

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 5-Chaos and some Pirate's Booty

True to Story life, a well planned day went purely chaotic within an hour.  Not a record for us though!!  During the summer, one of our biggest adventures is:  sleeping in.  The kids get to stay up later in the evening and (this applies to most children living in our house) in turn will sleep in until 9 or 9:30.  This selfishly makes my morning blissful!!  I still wake up at the crack of dawn, but I can slowly enjoy my coffee, quiet time, and get some chores done before my peeps awaken.

Yesterday this was routine....until...2 little girls woke up pale and had rumbly tummies.  I settled them in (they did recover in the early afternoon), cancelled a dental cleaning for myself, drove my eldest to a pool party, came home and started a project (can't even remember what it was) only to realize that my menu item for lunch actually took PREPARATION!!  Tried to get that started and my eldest called to let me know that her plans had changed-she needed to be picked up earlier.  CHANGE IN MEAL PLAN!!  Got out apples, peanut butter, air popped popcorn and set out veggies for a light lunch (this was actually my lunch plan for day 6 so I swapped out).  We quickly ate, ran an errand (see note below about a store run to great harvest) or two, picked up eldest and then waited for our new fridge and dishwasher to arrive.


Two lovely delivery men showed up and magically brought in our new refrigerator (this is sad, but oh my it is gorgeous!!) and dishwasher.  After all the huffing an puffing I hear a "Ma'am. Could you come in here please."  Yep, the fridge is too big!!!  AHHHHH!!!!  The lovely delivery man sees my panic and asks me to get a hammer.  We will take off a trim piece and all will be golden.  Except as I am fumbling around in the garage I hear my littlest peep, "Hey Mom, the guy said forget it cause the fridge is too tall.  He said you aren't going to be happy."  Long story short, Daddio got home from work and ate a quick dinner so he could fix the problem!!  He labored for several hours and sanded down the upper cabinet so now the fridge has a custom fit!!!!

With all of this excitement something happened to my meal plan.  I sort of stuck to what I had written down, but it was a hodge podge of foods.

Breakfast -  Toast, fruit, smoothie (my first made with plain yogurt-I forgot ice and they were thin. Not a big hit)

Lunch on the fly - sliced apples, peanut butter or honey, air popped popcorn, cold veggies

Dinner - Left over pork, *Caprese pasta salad (recipe at 100days), left over brown rice and black beans

Evening snack - *White cheddar Pirate's Booty

The Caprese pasta salad is a cold salad that we were to have for lunch and then reuse for a second lunch.  I made the dressing and boiled the noodles but we had it for dinner instead.  Shockingly this was a big hit!!  I barely have any left so I will figure that out when it comes to lunch.

Okay, my kids laughed so hard at the brand Pirate's Booty that I had to buy a bag at Aldi.  I'm not sure what is so funny-well, let's be honest!!  Saying the word Booty is pretty hilarious (yes, that confirms the maturity level around here).  Most importantly, the booty was GOOD!!!!  The kids loved it!!  Mind you they haven't had a prepackaged treat since June 1st, so I have a feeling I could've given them pretty much anything from a bag to devour-but I tried it and agree with two thumbs up!!!  Unfortunately our family ate one bag in a sitting.  The package is quite small so even though I gave each peep a small bowl it finished the bag off. 

One last note-I went to Great Harvest and bought two more loaves of bread.  Interestingly enough, the little mishap over the weekend (we had to buy a large round loaf instead of the rectangle) has been a blessing!!  If we cut the slices of the round loaf down the middle, the loaf has the perfect sized pieces for a sandwich or toast AND most importantly it lasts longer!!!  I forgot my gift certificate so I did pay $10.50 for the two loaves on my debit card (which I will pay back from grocery cash).

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