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story fam

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camping (for the day) with Tim and Christine

Peris' Honors Music Program

On Saturday Peris took part in an Honors Day music program through the Orff Council. Her music teacher sent out invitations for this program and Peris was able to choose her top 3 activities for the day. When she arrived to check in, she found out that she got her top pick: movement. She spent the day learning an old European folk dance which she performed in the afternoon. It was amazing to see what these kids learned in under 2 1/2 hours. She had a really great time and made some new friends from other schools.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fiona's kindergarten program

Enjoy the video's below! The program was wonderful and very entertaining. Once again I find myself asking, where did this year go?

Love you Fiona.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Scun" Screen

In true Midwestern style, it went from 50-ish degrees to 80 something in 2 days. I drug out the old, blue plastic pool (note to self-NO ONE fits in this thing anymore) fished out the swimming suits (note to self-head to Target as we have kids that are taller this year and need new suits), and got to apply the first round of "scun" screen (that's sun screen for those of you who don't live in our house). It was awesome to get outside and enjoy the heat! Our windows are open, the germs from the winter are (I imagine) being blown out into the open, and the kids are experiencing summer exhaustion already (hooray for Mom and Dad). Summer vacation is right around the corner and we are ALL ready for it!

Hoose Hawks

On Thursday we were graciously allowed a visit to the new school that Michael will be attending next fall as a second grader. His time at Prairieland is up and in order to make this transition as smooth as possible we got to meet Mr. Alexander (in photo) who will be teaching Michael next year. I have to say that from the minute we entered Hoose I felt at peace. The school secretary was upbeat and so kind, we saw several people in the hallway that we knew, Mrs. Boyd came and found Michael and then we got to officially meet Mr. Alexander (who, by the way, I went to U-High all comes full circle!). Michael and Mr. Alexander hit it off immediately! I could tell that Michael was instantly at ease and many of the anxious behaviors that he had prior to the meeting are gone.
So thank you to the administrators and to Mr. Alexander for making a HUGE difference in the quality of summer that Michael will have! This visit meant so much to our family!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Party

Whew.....we made it!! 19 kids, 10-ish adults, and a dog all enjoyed Emmy's 5th birthday party extravaganza this Saturday. It was crazy but she had a blast which made it fun for us. 3 years ago I would not have believed it if someone would have told us that this very day would come-it was so wonderful to watch her running around with her friends and family. It is on days like this one that I want to stop everyone around me and ask, "Can you believe how far she has come?"! So as we cleaned up the messy table and icing off the floor I smiled (yes, I really did) because I am genuinely thrilled that we had all of those kids in our house and I am thrilled to experience that chaos. It was a long awaited finish to a race that was so hard to run. Sigh. But don't think for a second that when 2:30 hit and parents started to show up that I didn't sigh a sigh of relief. Hey, it was a lot of party for one family to take:)

PS-Props to Uncle Dave and both saved us!! Thank you for playing with the kids and manning the tattoo station:) You guys are awesome!!

First grade poetry celebration

Ella getting ready to go to school for her poetry celebration and luncheon-doesn't she look fabulous in her new dress? Notice the sparkly "E" necklace that she wore-yes..7 year olds DO know how to accessorize!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Emmy

Good morning birthday girl!
The illustrious Barbie pool

Swimmer Ken

Swimmer Teresa

Peris opens her special gift from Peris

Can you even believe it? The baby is 5-when did that happen? I was a bit shocked myself. I cannot believe how fast these years have passed. While we don't spend our hours with therapists and Doctors for Emmy anymore, those hours have been replaced by preschool and playdates. Time isn't slowing down any and I've heard that it just goes quicker as each year passes.
Happy 5th birthday Emmy Rose

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Husband/Father to 5 small children/Son/Best Friend/Sweetie/Brother/Hard worker/
Graduate with a Master's Degree

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Afternoon at Gramma Choo Choo's

Gramma and Emmy pose with their flowers

Emmy's house
Ella the bride and Fiona the flower girl (yes this was established by Ella when the girls were posing!)

The Bride to Be.....we are in serious trouble with this one!

Peris picks her Lily of the Valley

Catching Derek resting on his birthday with Henry

Making pretty bouquets to take home

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Graduation Day

I am going to brag on my husband.....Derek received his Masters of Science degree in Communications on Friday evening at ISU. I am so incredibly proud of him (more pictures are below). While I was lucky to start my Masters program when Derek and I were newly married, Derek entered this program 6 years ago-as a Father/husband/friend/full time employee at the University. During Dereks time at ISU working on his Masters degree we added 2 more children to the mix (remember they were all under the age of 4 when Emmy was born) , I started working part time, he was promoted and started teaching a didn't slow down and neither did he. As I sat up in the nose bleed seats I wondered if any of the other graduates worked as hard as Derek? Sacrificed as Derek did? Worked as hard and was as exhausted? I know none of the other Masters candidates had 5 children who were doing the wave as they walked across that stage.....and none of the candidates were showing their children what hard work, dedication and determination will get you in this life when you make the commitment to work hard.
Derek thank you for walking. Thank you for showing our children what a man of integrity, honor, and determination looks like. Thank you for reinforcing our future expectations-that our children will go to college and perhaps walk that very same stage as you did. I am so proud of you.
PS-when are you starting that Doctoral program????

Happy Mothers Day/Derek's 36th Birthday

My crown and my 5 babies...yep, I was Queen for the day!

Poor Derek....he has to share his birthday with Mother's Day. It doesn't happen very often (every 4 years he pointed out) but when it does we are left wondering who is in charge of our brood? Which event trumps the other? Should the birthday boy get the day off? Or should Mommy win? Regardless, we both celebrated together and each had a great day. Derek got new shoes, shirts, and ties for his birthday while I got 2 new webkinz and a shirt that reads MOM5 (Mom to the 5th power-awesome isn't it?? Derek had it made for me!!!). I was going to share what being a Mom means to me, but let's just leave it at this......I am the luckiest woman on this planet. I have 5 lovely kids who, regardless of my flawed nature, love me. I am blessed with kisses, hugs, laundry, meals to prepare, concerts to attend, manners to repeatedly reteach, jokes to laugh at, hair to smell, and an abundance of "Mom....I love you" to hear. I have to admit it, I love being a Mom.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Day Belated/Wordless Wednesday

Last weekend we celebrated May Day with Pa Pa, Grandma Pat, Great Grandma Donhardt, cousins, Aunts and Uncle.

I think these two pictures are beautiful.