story fam

story fam

Friday, June 1, 2012

Let the Revolution BEGIN!!!!!

Happy June 1st everyone!!!

Well it's here!!  Revolution day for the Story family!!  For the next 30 days, our family is pledging to adhere to the rules laid out in my last post.  We are now officially letting go of all white, processed foods (we've had a few ice cream cheat days).  While I didn't anticipate this to be a huge deal since we have done this for 31 days at breakfast and most snack times, I am finding that there is resistance amongst the little peeps.  There was a lot of complaining yesterday that sounded like, "How long is this revolution going to last?", "We are going to starve!", "this STINKS", etc.  Then like a beacon of light, my eldest daughter looked around the table and snorted while saying, "Oh my gosh guys!!  We've already been eating this food for like a whole month so give me a break and stop whining about it because it's annoying me okay?".  AMEN sister!!  Then ensued a period of thoughtful silence where the rest of the table pondered this statement, followed by the shrugging of shoulders and a new topic of discussion began.

I am going to post each day for the next 30 days and will not always link up to Facebook as I don't want to annoy those people who see my postings pop up on their news feeds.  If you are interested in checking in, feel free as I will be here each day.  I will be posting the food that we actually eat (I have done a lot of switching around with my meal plans) for the day, how it is going, and other various info.  Tonight when it's quiet I'll post about Revo Day 1.

I do want to add that while taking this challenge I am also cutting out any artificial sweeteners as well.  We are going to use up our vanilla low-fat yogurt this morning, and then it's plain city baby!!!

I also am going to challenge myself to trying one meatless dinner each week-we'll see how that works out.  I'm up for a little experimenting!!

If you are experimenting at your house, leave a comment and let me know how it's going!!!! 

Happy Revolution Day!!

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