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story fam

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Days 15, 16, and 17-The reorg

Our family is at the half way mark with our food revolution.  I have had a lot of people ask questions such as "How is it REALLY going?", "Are the kids tired of this/are you tired of this?", and questions about money.  Here are the answers:

This journey is going relatively well.  Seriously.  Honestly.  I mean it.  I have shared the pitfalls that we have experienced.  My biggest issues are food preparation (I am in the kitchen a lot!), the complaints that I hear about trying new things(I have almost mastered the art of tuning the kids out!-hey, that is a blessing!!), the multiple trips to the store each week(remember that I am used to going once a week), and trying to come up with menu ideas(I feel like we are eating the same choices over and over-although no one seems to care).  To remedy some of these irritations, I decided to reorganize the last two weeks of this month.  I am going to meal plan for these last two weeks and then use the same weekly rotations for the first two weeks of July.  I do this when my work schedule gets heavy-it is helpful!!  So our menu will go as follows-week A/week B/week A/week B.  This will extend our adventure two weeks into July and will help me keep things simple and organized.  Little do the kids know, but we are taking our Revolution to a permanent basis-shhh..don't tell.  The kids think we are almost done with our little experiment.

Are the kids tired of this?  I don't know, and quite frankly friends, I don't care.  I mean this in a loving way-whether or not the kids enjoy eating better food does not drive my decision to continue, or quit, doing this past June 30th.  Trust me-there are some peeps in this house that will never be happy.  I embrace this and move on!! 

Am I tired of this?  There have been moments where I have honestly thought (to quote my son), "This stinks!".  I have felt frustrated when I purchase fruit at 10am and it is gone (and people I mean GONE) by 4pm!!  I feel frustrated when I walk around the store and cannot find "easy" food that would make my life , well easier.  But in the midst of the frustration I always come back to the idea that this is such a smart thing to be doing for our family.  No it isn't for everyone-but if I was in charge of your food dollar I would have you do the same.   I would encourage you to buy as much "real" food as possible.  I would encourage you to take baby steps because you will see a difference.  Is it hard-yes, but isn't anything worth doing hard at some level?   

Money, money, money.  I started out the month strong and shared every penny that was spent-I even included some receipts to try and convince people that shopping for "real" food on a budget can be done.  I apologize because I have failed in my book keeping efforts!!!  As of today (June 17th) I still have $350 left in my grocery envelope.  I do need to shop for the upcoming week and next week, but I think this is pretty good!!!!!  I still stick to my original claim that eating good food doesn't have to break the bank-I'm feeding 7 people over here my friends!!!!!

Meal Plan "A"

  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs, toast, fruit
  • Lunch - sandwiches
  • Dinner - whole wheat pasta, homemade sauce with meat
  • Breakfast - pancakes (double the batch and freeze leftovers)
  • Lunch - Left over pasta/sauce
  • Dinner - Taco Tuesday
  • Breakfast - Yogurt, hard boiled eggs
  • Lunch - Left over taco's
  • Dinner - Grilled cheese or BLT's
  • Breakfast - Left over pancakes
  • Lunch - Sandwiches, fruit, veggies
  • Dinner - Fettuccine Alfredo (recipe at 100days)
  • Breakfast - pumpkin muffins and smoothies
  • Lunch - Left over Fettuccine
  • Dinner - Whole Wheat pizza with toppings
  • Breakfast - Derek's French Toast
  • Lunch - Shop the fridge
  • Dinner - Grill out chicken
  • Breakfast - Smoothies and toast
  • Lunch - Sandwiches
  • Dinner - Left over chicken and salad

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