story fam

story fam

Friday, October 22, 2010

I.S.U. Homecoming

Decorating the trumpet for the big parade!

Waiting for the candy!!

It's Reggie Redbird

My high school alma mater

Mrs. Davenport you rock!

Dr. C where's your candy??-ask the Story children (who, by the way, at this point cannot even carry the bags that they have!!)

Mrs. Herbert, my fav!!!

"My stomach hurts"

Michael and Ella turn 9

We celebrated Michael and Ella's birthday morning in our traditional style: first they walked out of their bedrooms through birthday streamers and then it was off to the living room for presents! For breakfast they dined on Krispy Kreme donuts-I'm not sure their teachers appreciated the early morning sugar rush:)
I love how they are holding hands.
One of my most precious memories of Michael and Ella is from when I was pregnant. My Grandmother would go on and on about how special they were and how God just didn't want to send one alone. I have always thought of Ella as that angel baby who wanted to wait and come with her brother.


Wii Wipeout (this really is a hilarious game)

This year in lieu of a friend birthday party and gifts, Ella requested a special trip to the American Girl store in Chicago. We will be going on October 23rd-just Ella, her Dad, and I for a special day of shopping and the big treat: lunch. The paper that she is holding is the menu (and it's pretty fantastic) that we gave her so she had something to open up.

Just a little treat for her to open on her actual birthday-the good gifts are yet to come:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ackerman Farm

Arriving at the farm
The baby goat

The gang

Life is very good!!!!

Headed to the maze

Getting started! The goal was to find 16 letters that spell a secret message-if you decide to do the corn maze know this: it is really a challenge!!!!!

I couldn't help thinking about Children of the Corn while we were in here!

Ella posing for the camera

The 3 that didn't make it 'til the end. They were hot/tired/thirsty so Fiona and Ella (who HAD to figure out the message) went with Derek to find the remaining clues.
What was the secret message???? You'll have to head over and do the maze to find out :)

I think we have found the best kept secret near Morton!! We visited Ackerman Farm this weekend and WOW it was awesome!! It is small enough to still have that personal touch (we met Farmer John the owner) but big enough to offer lots to do for a variety of ages (which translates into even the 11 year old had fun!). I was so impressed at the fair prices of their products! Even their gift shop items (which are adorable!!) were reasonable. We did do the corn maze (about $23 for the 7 of us) and purchased 9 pumpkins and 3 gourds ($27) so our grand total for this field trip was $50!! Now for a family of seven, we think that is great!! The majority of their pumpkins are 3 for $10 and they are HUGE!! We also chose some really cool, funky gourds and some little, bitty gourds that are so cute. If you are looking for a really nice place to spend the afternoon take the drive over to Morton-it really is worth it!

Thanks Farmer John!!

Golf date

Fiona had asked several times if she and Derek could go golfing, so they loaded up the clubs and hit The Links. If you ask her, she can tell you exactly what club you need for a variety of situations. I think Derek has found a permanent partner!

Love at first sight

Peris gets to hold Oliver for the first time

please excuse the fake vampire bite tattoo

Take me out to the ballgame

On one of the more cool nights towards the end of summer, we went with Gramma Choo Choo and Pat to a Corn Belter's game. It was a fun way to celebrate Labor Day weekend!!