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story fam

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 26-27-Shake the hand that feeds you

During this revolutionary journey, I have done a lot of interesting reading about food.  Some of the books that I have found are okay, but the books that I have read by Michael Pollan are, well revolutionary.  He has written a very small book that is a summation of a larger work that is called Food Rules.  If you are interested in easy ways to tweak your diet, check it out!!
One of the ideas that he is very big on is simple but so cool:  shake the hand that feeds you.  When I read that I was like-wow!!!  Shake the hand that feeds me??  I'm guessing the check out girl at Walmart doesn't count.  This simple idea was so thought provoking that for some reason I still can't fully wrap my brain around it.  Why?  Because I can't really remember when the last time I purchased food from the person who actually raised or grew it was.  Even those purchases at the "healthy" grocery store really don't count.  I do buy my bread at Great Harvest so that counts.  I bought cheese from the cheese farm last year;  some purple potatoes from a vendor at the farmers market last summer.  I  grow our own veggies (yep these are homegrown goodies pictured).  But on a regular basis, do I know where my food REALLY comes from?  Not so much.  Take some time to digest that thought-because I bet it will get your thoughts going too.  If you are already shaking the hand-kudos to you!!!!!   

So are you thinking about it?  I still am too.  How do we as a community shake the hand of those who feed us?  Is it costly?  Is it worth it?  I did a bit of research (by research I mean talking to friends) and found that there are several CSA's, two farmer's markets (I knew about these), a cheese farm(been there on a field trip with my kids), local meat lockers and several private farms that provide fresh eggs, chickens, honey, and fresh veggies in our community.  I was also surprised to find that a lot of you have your own personal gardens like we do.  Our plot has sweet peppers, zuchini(pictured above right), two varieties of squash, sugar sweet tomatoes(pictured top), juliet tomatoes, burpless cucumbers(pictured above left), a chocolate pepper, and several herbs(mint is my latest fave!!  as is the sweet basil).

 In the upcoming days, I am going to gather information to share- the locations of  some local places where you can go to purchase food items and shake the hand of who is feeding you and your family.  If you are participating in a CSA, would you shoot me a message or email so that I can share which farm you are hooked up with.  If you've recently been to the Farmer's Market shoot me a message and let me know what your favorite finds are.  It will be fun to see what you are all already doing.

Let's all try to shake the hands of those who feed us a little bit more. 

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danipals said...

We've hit the Bloomington FM the last three Saturdays. We've had AMAZING peaches but the funny thing is they can't be from around here...hmmmm. They also have LOTS of lettuces and early goods. They should be starting with tomatoes etc soon. They have a farmer with organic home ground wheat, oats etc. this year too. We have not hit Normals yet but plan to.