story fam

story fam

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 7 Blues

I promised to be honest, so honest shall I be.

Today was rough.  I feel like I don't have enough food and food choices-and I feel like what I have is boring!!  My grocery list for this week wasn't very good and I have found ingredients that I overlooked-this equals not being able to make a recipe!!!  The kids have done a lot of complaining about this healthy food too which after awhile gets....well friends, it just gets frustrating.

As to not sound like a grouch, I did decide that for next week I am going to stick to easy recipes, and I am going to look at our old favorite foods and see what I can do to tweak them.  There is no reason why I can't make my own chicken pesto which is a big hit!!  I also need to figure out better snack choices.  Nothing fancy, but maybe make double batches of things like muffins so those could be a choice too? 

I did have to go BACK to Sam's again!!!  See what I mean about the bad grocery list (that is NOT like me!!).  I purchased chicken, apples, sweet potatoes, honey, and mixed veggies for $38.  I'm not sure what my total expenditures are as of now, but I do know that these multiple trips to the store need to stop.  Note-I will be sitting down and making an extensive list which is broken down into exact needs for each day/meal/snack!!!!!

Here is what we ate yesterday:

Breakfast - Zucchini muffins/bread and strawberry/banana/pineapple smoothies (the muffins looked really weird, BUT the kids ate them!!)

Lunch - Cold veggies, sandwiches, left over berries

Dinner - Grilled chicken, salad, carrots, berries

**I need to make an easy salad dressing and make a version of the dill dip-those made the veggies VERY enticing.

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