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story fam

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 13- I cheated

I cheated.  I had a Twix candy bar.  Just want to confess.  I wish I could say that it tasted horrible.  That the sugar made me sick.  That it was so gross that I never want to have processed sugar again.  Nope.  It was really good.  It was a treat.  I don't regret it. 

It  made me think that if we deny ourselves a treat all the time, doesn't that make us unhealthy as well?  Not that food should be used as a reward necessarily-but shouldn't we enjoy eating?  Not just the bad stuff-but the good stuff too.  Shouldn't a balance be struck between feeding our bodies good stuff and allowing an occasional cheat?  I know there are a lot of opinions out there.  I know that I don't want to use the candy bar as a reward for eating healthy.  I know that I also don't want my kids, or myself, or my spouse to feel so restricted that we hide our desire to have something "bad" once in awhile.  Yes I did hide the wrapper!!!!!  And Derek felt bad about a cookie he ate at work.  And the kids don't want me to find out they had a soda at Grandma's-and said Grandma feels bad that she let them have a soda-dude, that's what Grandma's house is all about!!!!!!!!  I'm not trying to create an environment where we have to hide what we are eating!!!

So back to the idea of realistic balance.  We eat more real food and make good choices-while accepting that there are times when you just want the Twix.  Did the Twix sabotage this entire plan?  In my opinion, no.  I have gone from eating candy everyday (no I am not kidding), to having one candy bar in a month-not bad if you ask me.  We have cut out so much "junk" and I am proud of our efforts. 

I didn't promise perfection.  Just the desire and will to do better.  And we are doing better.


danipals said...

Good for you! You are am amazing mom and raising awesome kids! It's back to the 80/20 rule. If we can eat really good food 80% of the time I am happy!!

RobFather said...

Kara - I read somewhere that if you consider what you eat "on a diet" you will not succeed. And a cheat meal is ok once a week. Our family struggles with a cheat weekend! Keep in mind we are not bodybuilding to where we must watch and measure everything we put into our bodies! We are looking to eat healthy to feel better and extend our lives as much as we were meant to. Rob