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story fam

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Days 22-23 Flexibility

Last week I created my "A" menu plan and exercised flexibility within the plan.  I didn't get around to the granola (haven't made it yet) so I substituted smoothies instead;  never made the grilled cheese (went to Moe's instead-you can get GREAT fresh food choices here!!!);  cut out the fettuccine because that was just too much pasta after eating the pasta with red sauce; and didn't make the muffins but instead used left over pancakes with the smoothies on Thursday;  I also never got around to making the whole wheat pizza either-we spent the entire day at a water park and I was WAAAAAY too tired to make the crust!!  I did purchase take out pizza last night (just being honest) and we also had whole wheat pretzels and tricuits as snacks too. 

Here is my plan "B" menu for the week:

  • Breakfast - Smoothies, toast, hard boiled eggs
  • Lunch - Sandwiches
  • Dinner - Easy joes (I've used this recipe for a long time-it's just a homemade version of sloppy joes)
  • Breakfast - Pancakes
  • Lunch - Left over joes
  • Dinner - Taco Tuesday (will use Mission tortilla chips so we have a nacho meal to mix it up)
  • Breakfast -Scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Lunch - Left over tacos
  • Dinner - Bakes ziti (this is also an old stand by-heads up, certain peeps in the house do NOT like this!!)
  • Breakfast - Leftover Pancakes
  • Lunch - Left over ziti
  • Dinner - Left over night/Sandwiches
  • Breakfast -Pumpkin muffins (I haven't been able to locate canned pumpkin, so these may be applesauce?)
  • Lunch - Sandwiches
  • Dinner- Whole Wheat pizza
  • Breakfast - French toast
  • Lunch - Sandwiches (yes, we are having a lot of sandwiches this week!!!)
  • Dinner - Smoothies, fruit, veggies, hard boiled eggs
  • Breakfast -Eggs
  • Lunch - grilled cheese
  • Dinner - Grill out

My plan is to use plan "A" again next week with some tweaking.  I am finding that the easier/simpler the meals, the better!!!!!  I know there are a lot of sandwiches this week-but it is something that everyone eats without complaining-and frankly that is priceless tome!!!!!

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danipals said...

Meijer has plenty of pumpkin!