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story fam

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Story Family Bucket List 2011

The goal of our bucket list is to spend quality time together!! Each year we each pick one fun (low cost) thing to do together. Here's our list for 2011:

Peris: Visit St. Louis Zoo

Michael: Attend a college basketball game

Ella: Paint pottery (this is also a carry over for Peris)

Fiona: Have a pajama party day which includes movies and pizza

Emmy: Have a tea party with hot cocoa

Derek: Tent camping (I do not approve of this but will participate reluctantly!!!)

Kara: Spend the day at Forrest Park Nature Center walking the trails

So there you have it!! Our fun list of things to accomplish in the upcoming months!!

What did we accomplish in 2010??

As we start 2011, I wanted to look back and see what we accomplished in the year 2010. We are so fortunate and had so many prayers answered!!! First, we did great on our bucket list from last year!! We only had one request that we didn't get to for Peris-painting pottery. Thankfully you will see this on our 2011 list and we have made it a priority!!!

There were several things that weighed heavily on our hearts this past year. We waited to see if Michael would get into Metcalf, learned that Aunt Karen was diagnosed with cancer, lost several dear friends to cancer. Many of these mountains were moved in God's perfect timing-but the waiting was so hard!!

Michael did get in to Metcalf which has changed our lives!
Aunt Karen was pronouced cancer free in November (a prayer that we all prayed for daily-the kids especially)
We took a wonderful vacation in August
Summer finances were covered with jobs that came at the right time
Tim and Christine celebrated the birth of their son Oliver (also a prayer that was answered after 2+ years)
We became involved with a wonderful small group

So many things that I can't even begin to list them all. We are still learning and growing-meeting challenges that come as best as we can. Trying to look at the mountain maker rather than trying to make the mountain move on our own strength.

Here is to a wonderful 2011!!!!

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Fiona making New Year's Eve cupcakes
Happy New Year!!

My New Year's kiss

Ollie's first New Year's party

He's looking at me like I'm nuts:)
We rang in 2011 with our crew-the Kirk family (Tim, Christine, and Ollie). We dined on steak (thank you Timmy and Christine), hotdogs, homemade french fries (thank you Derek), and homemade bread-all delish!!!
After dinner the adults talked and watched Fiona decorate her cupcakes with the icing tools that Santa brought her-she is seriously talented in the cullinary arts!! It was fun to watch her intently swirl the icing and make different designs!
We opted our for S'more this year and instead pigged out on cupcakes and crispix mix-also very good.
The Story family made it until 11:50 and then decided that it was time to head up-hey, we watched the ball drop for New York!!
We have much to be thankful for at the close of 2010!! It was a very good year for the Story family (i.e. no one had a hospital stay or serious illness).
Here's to a great 2011!!!!!

Fox River Getaway

On December 27th we got the greenlight to head up to Fox River Resort for a mini-getaway. For 2 days we played games, watched movies, and swam. It was wonderful!! We were all in serious need of just having family time together-no practices, games, commitments..just us having unscheduled fun!!! I'm so glad we were able to do this over break!! We didn't come home rested, but we came home after making some special memories!!! Priceless time together which I love!!!

Christmas with Grandma Choo Choo

Addison and Ollie
Uncle Tim helping Emmy with her iPod shuffle (he would soon purchase the
Justin Bieber cd and upload it for all of the girls....hence the repeated singing of "Baby" which is
seriously about to drive me insane!)

Peris, Michael, and Uncle Dave

When asked what Emmy didn't get for Christmas, she replied:
"I really wanted Oliver to come and live with us"
She sure loves this little guy!!

Avery and her Dad

Peris and Patrick

Michael gets Garfield

Ollie's first Christmas at Grandma's house!!
One last holiday celebration was had at Grandma Choo Choo's house the day after Christmas. We all got together for brunch and then opened our gifts. After the mass opening, we enjoyed the annual white elephant gift exchange. We were on the letter "t" this year (each year we have to make a $10 purchase with a specific letter from the word Christmas) and some of the gifts were definately PG-13 rated!! Note-I couldn't post pictures of 2 gifts that were given!!
As always it was a great time!!