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story fam

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 10 - Hail Cesar (Little Cesar's that is)

Day 10 was uneventful until we went to the pool. 

Enter a bit of honest sharing: this week I have actually become accustomed to hearing the complaints that my kids dole out around here.  For example the creepy ice cream dude rolls through the neighborhood and my kids longingly stare out the window while muttering, "dumb food revolution!!  we can't even have ice cream"-as if I would buy the million dollar ice cream sandwich anyway!!  In the check out line-"Can we have a candy bar Mom?  Oh wait, we can't because of the revolution."-insert sigh of disgust.  I even tolerated the lecture from my eldest regarding her "I'm not having anyone sleep over here because we are weird and have this revolution thing going on and my friends will hate what we are eating" tirade.  But today, today was almost too much.

If you know me you know I love the pool.  Part of what I love about the pool is-well quite frankly I love that my kids will go and play without bugging each other (for the most part) while I sit on the side and catch some rays while zoning out.  I love that even though the pool sells treats my kids have largely ignored the fact that they aren't having snickers/m and m's/etc. right now.  The pool has been my safe zone.  There has been no food revolution revolutions here.  Until today.  Enter the Little Cesar's pizza party.  Today a youth group was having a fun swim picnic and brought dinner-several Little Cesar's pizzas.  I could tell by the look on my little peeps faces that it was game over!!  My kids literally stood with their little mouths hanging open and were salivating while watching the pizza being handed out.  I'm sure you can imagine that the complaining began in earnest!!  Oh it was ugly!!  I got frustrated, the kids were frustrated-the pool zone had been violated!!!

So here is what I learned from this experience.  It's not the money that makes eating well hard.  It isn't the countless trips to the grocery or planning or time spent in the kitchen that makes this hard.  It is persevering through situations such as this-a situation where I was so fed up that I wanted to throw in the towel and just buy the pizza!!!   It is hard because my kids are little and they want the junk.  It is hard because I know that one cheat will lead us right back to where we started.  It is hard because even though there are complaints that drive me CRAZY I know this is the right thing to do.  This is hard.

Sigh and exhale. 


Breakfast - scrambled eggs and toast

Lunch - Sandwiches, veggies, berries

Dinner - burgers on the grill, cold veggies, fresh pineapple


My goal for this week is to make one big shopping trip and fill in towards the end of the week ONE time!!!  I will post my menu tomorrow and then see if I can stick to the original plan.

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Nikki Conlon said...

Bravo to you, Kara! Bravo for your bravery, your perseverance, and your love for your family. (Eventually, that love WILL override all of the complaints and frustrations, I just know it!)

I feel for you - I've been on a "We HAVE to eat better!!!" tirade for quite some time now, and it's only increased since Jack's illness. There is so much information out there on health and the effects that foods have on our bodies - good and bad. We're going through our own revolution / transformation in our house as well, and the more information I come across, the more confused and daunted I feel! But I know that if we can make healthy changes now, our kids have a better chance of maintaining that healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. It's just a matter of education and retraining our brains and bodies - sounds so simple, huh?! :-P

So, just keep on keepin' on, girl! It's overwhelming and frustrating, and the world (country, actually) that we live in doesn't lend itself favorably to the types of changes we're trying to make - - sugar is EVERYWHERE!!! But, I know we can do it!

Thank you so much for your blog. It is so encouraging, inspiring, and helping me so much with recipes and snack ideas!

Take care!

Your fellow General in the Revolution -

~ Nikki (Garner) Conlon