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story fam

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 12 - Chocolate fix is fixed!!!!!

Okay, so actually the chocolate fix was fixed last night, but I'll still use it as my post today because I will be making this again!!!

So my good friend Danielle P. shared this simple recipe with me-she tells me that it tastes like chocolate ice cream.  I am a doubter.  I put it off.  But in my sheer desperation to have something-ANYTHING-sweet, I finally purchased the ingredients and made the "ice cream" after dinner. 

HOLY COW!!!  It tastes like chocolate ice cream!!  She was right, and I am now a believer (as are all 5 of my kids)!!!!

Here is the recipe for what I am now calling Danielle's Chocolate Awesomeness


cocoa powder

1.  freeze how ever many bananas you would like to use (we used 3 full bananas and it wasn't near enough)
2.  place frozen bananas in a blender/food processor
3.  add 1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder for each banana that you are using (or more if you like it chocolately)
4.  pulse/blend until mixed

My gosh it is the BEST thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU DANIELLE!!!!!!!

Beyond the chocolate awesomness, I also made a yummy homemade meat sauce for our pasta last night, a dill dip mix, and more taco seasoning.

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danipals said...

I'm so glad you liked it!! I am buying extra bananas every time we go to the store. One per person is perfect to fill my Fiesta Ware cups for each of us. Thanks for the shout out!