story fam

story fam

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pin it!

So maybe you don't have this problem, but my kids share towels. If it's within arms reach it's fair game. This grosses me out!! I have tried various methods of keeping one towel to one child and nothing has seemed to work. My awesome friend Danielle suggested that I use little plastic clips on each towel as a visual reminder that each person has their OWN towel to use!! We took a quick trip to our local grocery and found the clips, but they were a little bit more expensive that I wanted to spend. We then went down the laundry aisle and agreed that wooden clothes pins would work just as nicely. Below is what I did to make these super easy (and very non-creative) towels markers...don't you want to know if it worked?????

Scroll down to find out!!!

Supplies: wooden clothes pins + a black sharpie

total cost: $3 (I already had the sharpie) - I'll be using the leftover pins

for a much cooler craft to be done at a later date!!

Easy- now I did try to "color code" the pins but the marker didn't really work, so I left the rest plain.

Side note: my handy husband took 2 old pieces of trim and screwed in 5 coat hangers to make a DIY towel hanger in our bathroom. It is the easiest way to hang up our towels-the problem is keep one towel to one child!!

Close up of the finished pin-super simple!!

- The final result-

**Please note that these towels all look the same and I am aware of this!! See what I have to work with**

I am HAPPY to report that the clothespin experiment has been successful!! The kids actually LOVE using them!! What an easy, cheap solution!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hoop wall art

I picked up this idea on Pinterest-it is an easy and affordable way to make unique wall art for a room using really simple items!!

Materials needed:

1. Fabric in assorted colors and patterns (The largest yardage that I got was 1/2 yd for the owl fabric; for the rest, the store clerk measured each piece based on the hoop size that I purchased)

2. Various sized cross stitch hoops

3. Scissors

Here are the fabric swatches I chose:


Separate the hoop that you are using (notice that I found a really cool oval hoop for the owl fabric) and place one pattern of fabric inside. Stretch it nice and tight so that when you place the top hoop back on it doesn't ripple

Cut the excess fabric from around the hoop-now the more I thought about this, I thought that leaving some fabric ruffled would've been super cute as well.

The finished project is at the top-the cost?? 16 dollars!! The girls chose how to arrange the hoops which made it part of the fun for them. I was going to place them differently when my 7 year old pointed out that it was their room. You can do this with more hoops for a cool look as well!! My friend Danielle used more hoops with really cool grown up fabric for a gorgeous look!!

We love it!!!!!


Alright. I have to admit that Facebook has made it much easier to post just isn't the same!! I love this blog, soooo I'm dusting it off and will be bringing it back. I know there aren't many followers, but I just love doing it!! It's one of those "me things" that I really enjoy. I'm gearing up for holidays and have a lot of ideas to share-easy stuff that is still really cute. I've gotten a lot of ideas via Pinterest (my newest obsession!!) and will be experimenting with some decorating and crafting that I've picked up there. I have some good menu ideas to share and some new pictures to post-heck we've done a lot since last April:)

It's good to be back!!!