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story fam

Friday, January 30, 2009

God is always at work around us

Yesterday I had one of those moments...the one where you look at your children and realize that through them you reap countless blessings. That moment where being a Mom is the most humbling job you can possibly have.

We walked into NPL for reading partners and had to drop off an overdue book. When we got up to the counter, Miss Pixie was off to the side with a young woman and they were crying. Michael walked those few steps towards the two women (before I could yank him back) and asked, "why are you crying?". Miss Pixie told us that this young woman was going to be leaving the library for 2 months to go to Florida with her family and that they were both sad. I nudged Mike and said introduce yourself..he did. The young woman introduced herself, Kim, and then Mike stepped forward and gave her a big hug and kiss. This prompted the hugging of Kim by the girls as well. As we walked away, Peris stopped on the stairs and said, "Mom she has a disability doesn't she? " And I said yes, she has downs syndrome. Peris then asked me several questions: will she ever marry, can she have a boyfriend, how old was she (38-only one year older than me) and when I answered no to those questions she looked right at me with this innocent smile and said"Mom it doesn't even matter because I saw that man by her-it's her Dad and you can tell he loves her. Mom, family is all we Mom and God." Yes, I openly wept in the Childrens Department.
This precious moment has caused much reflection for me. I was challenged this week my best pal Renee to start looking for God. She suggested that since God is love, where we see love we see God. I am here to tell you that yesterday afternoon I was blessed to be in the presence of God in the midst of those hugs and a single kiss given to a stranger by my son. I witnessed children, who are free of our adult constraints that hold us back when we see someone hurting, love another human being just because she was sad. It was a beautiful thing.
And for the record, Kim has a boyfriend and goes on double dates frequently.

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