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story fam

Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

In the spirit of a post devoted to our weekly menu, I thought I would include the lovely snapshot of myself cooking...bacon. Yesterday we had breakfast for lunch and so I made Derek and I our favorite low cal (NOT) treat.
This week isn't as busy-I'm not working at all which really helps in the evenings. We do have our afterschool commitments (NOTE TO NOT let Peris participate in Circus and the play next year-SHAZAM!!! what a huge time commitment for a 9 year old) but our evenings aren't nearly as crazy as last week. After some major frustrations with hearing repeated "yucks" and "eewws" at dinner time, I am giving myself a break and going back to some tried and true meals. I just need a week where I am not getting upset after working hard on a meal-it really gets depressing (does anyone else experience this??). So here is our plan...
Monday- Grilled cheese, soup, salad
Tuesday- Sphagetti and meatballs, french bread, veggie
Wednesday- Meatloaf, veggie
Thursday- Turkey breast in the crock pot
Friday- Breakfast night
Saturday- Clean out the Fridge/pizza for the non-adventurous
Sunday- Chili, cornbread, sandwiches for the under 10 set
For some amazing recipes check out
Have a super week!!

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Anonymous said...

I get it from my 8 year old all the time. Sometimes I give her a boring alternative to eat -- like plain tofu. Other times I tell her their are kids starving all over the world and kids who have mothers who don't cook for them, so she better be grateful for whatever I make and just suck it up. Sometimes, though, I just give in and make her the basics that I know she'll eat. It's a never-ending battle.