story fam

story fam

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Babystep one-Shiny Sink

I accomplished baby fly step one: I have a shiny kitchen sink. I also did at 10 minute tidy and cleaned out and organized my desk-it looks so much better!!! I am going to try and devise a system for storing the select few school papers that I have kept for the kids. I am going to continue on today doing laundry and maybe running scooba steve on the kitchen floor. I am thrilled that today is a very light commitment day for us!! Emmy has school at noon and then I am free until pick up at 2:40. I do have to run to Walmart for hoagie rolls, a space heater, and something else that has escaped my brain-but there aren't ANY night time activities!!! Hooray!!

This week the manicotti was delicious and went overy okay-it was very easy. I actually made it in the afternoon and then popped it in the oven after I picked the kids up. Last nights chicken and rice bake was met with a bit of hesitation-the rice wasn't a big hit. Tonight we're having Italien Beef which isn't ever a hit with the kids but if they are hungry enough they'll eat.

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