story fam

story fam

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Before Bed Routine

So my next step in my Fly journey is preparing my Before Bed Routine. I had one when I did this program years ago and need to reconfigure my routine as our lives have changed. Here is what I think my routine is going to look like:

Check calendar
Start a "to do" list
Load/run dishwasher
make coffee
Pick up living room/adjust slip covers
wipe off kitchen counters/table
lay out my outfit for tomorrow
check backpacks
make lunches
shine sink

Most of these things are done at or after dinner but I love being able to check things off!

Today I am also going to do a 15 minute blitz in Peris and Ella room to get some clutter under control-this has to be done while they are at school in order to avoid any freaking out. I am happy to report that my counter by the fridge is still clear and my desk is still in order-hooray!!

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