story fam

story fam

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu plan Monday for a week of madness

I am not sure how we have become so crazy busy. I am not an activites kind of Mom. I do not enjoy running around from place to place-I embrace this about myself. We have learned this year that with 5 kids we will be limiting the activities that we choose to commit to. So far we are doing basketball with all 5 kids, piano for 3 girls, reading partners for 4 kids, chess club for Michael, Peris is in circus and the school play, and we participate in Wednesday night church-I feel like I am leaving something out. Thank goodness we haven't been sucked into PCSL or an organized sports league where we endure weekend practices and games!!! This week I am teaching two nights and Derek is gone teaching one night as well so our meals are pretty routine again. I am falling back into a rut and would love some new suggestions!!!!!

Monday: Chicken nuggets and a veggie

Tuesday: Sandwich night

Wednesday: Chicken patties, cheesy potatos

Thursday: Baked cheese ziti, french bread, salad (can you tell this isn't a busy night?)

Friday: Burgers and fries

Saturday: Taco bar

Sunday: Chicken pot pie (didn't get this made last week)

If you have ANY easy, good recipes to share I am in need of some new meals to add to the rotation!!!! Check out for more menu plans and ideas.


Kim said...

I'm always on the hunt for quick, healthy, tasty recipes! I've found a few favorite cookbooks and websites; you can check them out on my blog. I have links to a bunch of my favorite recipes and I've typed in a few others, so I'd love to have you over! :)

It's like inviting someone to tea, only virtual. :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love yours. You have such a pretty layout. I've been hearing a lot about Unisom right now. I think I'll mention it to my doctor tomorrow. Thanks!