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story fam

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Morning Routine

The Bedtime routine went well last night. Derek even commented on how it is helpful to have a checklist to work from in the evening. It was so nice to wake up to a tidy kitchen and living room! It does set a peaceful tone for the morning.

I am moving on to the Good Morning Routine today. I revamped my routine as my original list was far too long. Sometimes detail can be a bit too much!! Here is my new routine:

Start coffee
Get dressed/brush teeth
Empty dishwasher
What is for dinner?
Load of laundry
Wipe out bathroom sinks
Make the bed
What is on the schedule for today?
Read my bible

This is a shorter, and more "do-able" list for my mornings. I can get this done and move on to bigger things. I also intend on doing a few 15 minute clean ups and some 27 fling boogies downstairs.

Yesterday I did a 15 minute tidy in Peris and Ella's room and it looks so much better!!! I then moved on to the Barbies while playing with Emmy. I disposed of 3 Walmart sacks full of broken dolls, ripped clothing, and misc. items that had been shoved into the drawers. Now we are down to about 20 dolls versus the 46 dolls we had prior to my purge. Little by little we will clean out the clutter-no need to rush.

Emmy and I enjoyed some snuggle time this morning reading books while we watched it snow. A little SNOWY DAY by Ezra Jack Keats hit the spot. She is now taking a bath and then it's my turn. I'm being paged.....

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