story fam

story fam

Friday, January 16, 2009

15 years ago...

15 years ago a boy and girl met on top of a bar and did something really silly. She gave him her phone number and he didn't call (right away). Events would play out and the boy wouldn't move to Omaha, NE (much to the girls delight). The boy and girl would foolishly move in together and a few years later decide to get married. The boy and girl would prove the naysayers wrong-they would stay together even though many thought they wouldn't last. In 1999 their first daughter would be born. In 2001 would come twins. In 2003 would come a fourth child and then in 2004 would come child number five. In 2004 even though the very core of their relationship would be rocked with the stress of having a disabled child, they would prevail and together they would remain strong. In 2005 their love would be tested again in the form of autism-yet nothing could overpower their love and they would find a way to hang on to one another. In 2006 a second diagnosis of autism would come for their one and only son-yet it would not overtake them. They would cling to one another being strong for each other when the waves of grief and pain would come-and believe me, they did.
Life would even out and a quiet night would come here and there. The romance will die people said. They just won't make it others mused.
But the boy and girl did make it-and while their vision of their future together took many unexpected twists and turns they did what they needed to do-gave each other space when it was needed and a shoulder to cry on. They gave each other hugs and laughter and joy and warmth.
And here it is 15 years later and they are still going strong-still proving (as if there are any doubters left out there) that no matter what they will always be together.
Love you D!
You will always be my hottie hot hottie....


Tami said...

WOW...Derek had hair.

kate said...

Kara! Facebook led me to your site and I'm so glad!

Congratulations on 15 years– who could doubt it anymore! I am so glad you and Derek have each other and have made such a wonderful family.

Now that I've found that you have a blog too, I'll have a way to keep up on the goings on of your beautiful family.

Squeezes to everyone!