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story fam

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Babystep 3-The Hot Spot

I am actually jumping ahead a bit since I have already used this system to clean and organize. Today I will be hitting a hot spot in our house-the hot spot is that place where clutter prevails. Yesterday I hit my 2 primo hot spots-the counter by the refridgerator (and I have threatened anyone who dares to leave something there) and my desk (yikes). Today we are going to hit the shoe area in our downstairs. If you can imagine the amount of shoes that a family of 7 has and then imagine them strewn all over our lower level you can get a good idea as to why this is a hot spot-even big people forget how to put their shoes AWAY!!

We will also be doing a 27 fling boogie which is so easy. You take a garbage bag and QUICKLY go through the house and pick up 27 items that go into the garbage bag and DON'T come out. The garbage bag is immediately sealed and placed into the outdoor garbage can. Very effective!!! We will be doing this in all of the kids' bedrooms-watch out I come (Ella is our resident collector of stuff. She is not yet the packrat that her twin is but close!).

Then we will be doing a shortened version of the home blessing. The home blessing consists of regular household chores that the flylady devotes one hour to per week. Things on her list are : vaccuum, change sheets, dust, mop, etc. Today we will be changing our sheets, vaccuuming bedrooms-kids will be doing their own, and I will run scooba Steve in the kitchen.

I don't like to take up our Saturday doing chores, but if we do this together it shouldn't take more than one hour and we will all feel better.

Uncle Tim and Aunt Christine are coming over tonight for dinner and some Wii and after our hard work it will be a well deserved treat!!!

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