story fam

story fam

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our 2009 Bucket List

As we kick off the new year (3 of the kids are back to school today) we made a list of things that we wanted to do during 2009 as a family. We'll try to do something each month to make our family time special. I have learned that being intentional makes for some awesome memories!!

1. What is something you would like to do that is FREE?- go to the pool (we get a pass), go camping (yikes), have a friend over, go to the museum, walk on the trail, go sledding.

2. What is something you would like to do that requires money?-go to the zoo, get a Wii game, go see a movie at the Galaxy theatre (this costs us a small fortune), get Dilly Bars from DQ, spend a weekend with Derek-ALONE.

3. If you could go out for dinner where would you go?- Steak and Shake (Ella), Chili's (Michael), Cracker Barrel (Peris), McDonalds (Fiona), "The Piggy Place"-Famous Dave's (Emmy).

We are also enrolling Henry in the PAWS (Pets Are Walking Saints) program through Wesley United Methodist church. He will go through 5 weeks of training to earn his Good Citizen Award and if he passes he will be eligible to be taken to nursing homes or other places in the community for others to enjoy him. We are doing this as a family and are really excited.

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