story fam

story fam

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We did it!! MRR book #1

Our triumphant group (minus Dad who was taking the picture)

Well I am proud to announce that Mom's Rocking Readers have officially finished our first book club book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We celebrated this afternoon by watching the movie. Collectively we decided that the book was far better than the movie (although we enjoyed the flick!!). The kids got into a lively discussion about the details that were left out-it was fantastic!! Next we will be deciding on our second pick; I think that book two is in the running. I am thrilled that we are reading as a family!! It is a worthwhile, intentional investment in our kids-and easy to boot!!!

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Jess said...

Congratulation kids! That is fantastic. I am so proud of you all for such a wonderful accomplishment. And you did it together. Great teamwork. I have to agree with you that the book was definitely better then the movie. I too watched the movie and was like, "oh wait why didn't they put that part in, or they missed this part." lol...Well you did great! On to book two! How much fun is that! Take Care! Love you all, Aunt Jess