story fam

story fam

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The big haul

Well not to sound selfish but man did I make out like a bandit this year-hmm...I guess I was good!!!! So what did I get?? A cool double layer t-shirt, hand cream, a red pair of fuzzy crocs, brown croc boots (they are AWESOME), the Wii Fit (whoop whoop..thank you Santa-wink wink), pink fuzzy crocs, a matching pink fleece zip up jacket, Jessica Mc Clintock perfume, a hedgehog webkinz, tanning gift certificates, an Amplified bible, a Starbucks gift card and there is so much more!!!!! And we have one more Christmas to go on Saturday with Grandma Choo Choo.

We are having a really great day-I can't believe that it is after lunch already!!! Tonight Grandma Choo Choo, Pat, Uncle Tim, Aunt Christine, and our special guest Rusty are coming over to play the Wii (Santa does rock!!) and have dinner. It has been a really special day!!!

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