story fam

story fam

Friday, December 26, 2008

Our New Addition

Please help us welcome our newest, and final, addition: Henry Spencer Story. We found Henry at the pound and know that "he is the one" (says Fiona). Henry visited Deenie today (the groomer) and got the royal treatment. She was so impressed by him that she gave him the full groom and not just the bath that we asked for. Deenie was SO nice and fit him in (thank you Uncle Tim for making the call) so now he smells 100% better and looks so handsome. Then he was wisked off to meet his new Doctor, Dr. Olson. She gave him the once over and was very pleased. He got his rabbies shot and a blood test to check for heartworms. We did schedule him for his neuter and a minor surgery to remove a cyst on his left eye. We are so thrilled to report that Henry is a lovely dog-honestly he is doing far better than I had hoped!! He has used the restroom outdoors (knock on wood no accidents so far), didn't beg for food at dinner time, and has been so calm. Either this was meant to be or he is really playing us!! Right now he is laying at my feet resting-he is just so darn cute!!!!! I am so glad that we were patient-he really is going to be our forever friend!!!!!

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Jess said...

I am so excited for your family! How much fun is this going to be! We can't wait to come over and see Henry...I'm so glad that you found such a special pup! That is fantasic!