story fam

story fam

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monday Menu Plan

This week is really busy again!! We have holiday parties, volunteering, and lots of commitments!! I did decide to try two new recipes in order to follow my goal of trying at least one new thing per week. The kids might not appreciate it, but Derek and I sure do!!!!!
Monday Ham and Cheese Puff

Tuesday Date night

Wednesday Italien Meatball Sandwiches

Thursday Breakfast night (waffles, eggs, toast)

Friday Take out night or frozen pizza

Saturday Take out night or frozen pizza (I teach all day so something easy)

Sunday Sphagetti and Meatballs, salad, french bread

For more great recipes check out:
Next week starts Christmas vacation so I am going to have to get creative for lunches as well as dinner!!! Any suggetions?? PLEASE feel free to share!!!!

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Tami said...

The fudge recipe is off of the container of marshmallow fluff. Yummy.

I'll post the sugared pecans on my blog.