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story fam

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (One crazy week!)

This is going to be one crazy week!! Christmas vacation has officially started, so now I am responsible for planning at home lunches as well. On top of our usual meals this week I am preparing a meal for a family at church who have newborn twins and will also be making dinner for our extended family on Christmas Day evening. I have our picture schedule ready for tomorrow so the day will be much more structured!! I can already tell that today (which was day 3 of little structure) was beginning to fall apart due to the lack of structure that we all enjoy around here. We are going to visit the Humane Society tomorrow as our fieldtrip which everyone will enjoy. I am looking for a dog to adopt so we'll see what we can find.

Menu for this week:

*Monday lunch: sandwiches

dinner: turkey and gravy over brown rice

dinner for the Ball family

*Tuesday lunch: mac/cheese

dinner: Minestrone Chicken Dinner

*Christmas Eve We will be enjoying lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Story and then

dinner with Grandma Pat and Pa Pa

*Christmas Day Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls (a Story Family tradition!)

Lunch: something REALLY easy!!

Dinner: Loaded potato soup, crockpot chili, honey cornbread, frozen pizza

(my brother Tim isn't very adventurous so we have to please him too)

*Friday lunch: nuggets

Dinner: grilled cheese and soup

*Saturday Christmas at Grandma Choo Choo's

*Sunday C.O.R. day (Clean Out Refridgerator.....i.e. leftovers)

I also want to note that I made an AWESOME crockpot dessert today that the kids loved-a chocolate/pudding cake that is served hot with whipped cream-delicious!!!!!

For more recipes check out!!


PlanningQueen said...

The crockpot dessert sounds so yummy. What an amazing family you have - five so quickly is so impressive. We are very much looking forward to meeting the newest addition to our family very soon.

Rona's Home Page said...

Your menu plan sounds delicious.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.