story fam

story fam

Friday, December 12, 2008

Orffcat Winter Concert

Peris pre-concert
Addison and Peris

(from left) Rickey, Alexis, Peris, Jessica, and Rowan
Last night we were treated to a wonderful winter concert at Kemp Hall. Peris played with the Mildcat group (she plays an instrument that resembles a xylophone) and we heard the ISU Redbird Choir as well as the ISU Wildcats. It was a really nice evening.
It was so cool to see Peris' face light up when she looked up into the crowd and saw an entire row of her family sitting there cheering her on. I know one thing is true-she will not forget that people cared enough to come and watch her play. She will remember that she is important and loved and part of a great big family that participates in her life. That is priceless.

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