story fam

story fam

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Illness and Ice Storm

The flu has struck!! Michael came home yesterday with a 101 temperature and is still not doing the best. He did actually vomit and is still running the fever today. I can tell he doesn't feel well-he isn't moving!! In addition to the flu, we are expecting a major ice storm to hit this afternoon. Hopefully it will stay to the south of us-I'm not too keen on loosing power with 5 little people here at home!!!!

Sick day activities:

  • t.v.
  • coloring book and crayons
  • read Lyle the Crocodile at Christmas
  • read Harry Potter
  • t.v.
  • nap, nap, nap (for Michael not me darn it)


Tami said...

I am really hoping the ice storm is not as bad as they are predicting. Caleb has his Christmas party at school tomorrow morning and I have plans to finish up Christmas shopping tomorrow afternoon.

If it does come, I just hope we don't lose power.

Mom to Five said...

I am all about the not loosing power!!! 5 kids here at home a day early and no power = a nervous breakdown for sure!!!!! Michael missed his party today-poor guy!! He has been sleeping since noon and was bed bound all day. I feel really bad for him!
I'm going to hit walmart as soon as Derek gets home from work just in case it gets bad.