story fam

story fam

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dear Dr. Lehman,

Where ever you are this morning, I THANK YOU for writing this book!! I am not a fan of "how to's" or "step" programs but sir, I am a believer!!!! Your 3 little steps (1. say it once 2. turn your back 3. walk away) have already worked in our home this very morning!!!!! Derek and I have also used the "do you need a hug?" approach twice-oooohhhh I am just too pumped on this FUN DAY (remember dude, I read your book in ONE night!). Our son is so confused-it is delightful!!!!

You are one wonderful man Mr. Lehman.

We thank you.


Kara Story


L Harris said...

What book???

Mom to Five said...

This is regarding the book

How to Have a New Kid by Friday and it is the BEST book on discipline that I have EVER read-and I've read a lot. We have a son who has PDD-NOS who has many behavioral issues-this book as been a huge success!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!!! It is by Dr. Kevin Lehman and is well worth the price!!!!!