story fam

story fam

Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Artful Design

About a month ago I sponsored a ladies night out through our church at the local pottery store. After an hour of wandering around trying to choose something to paint, I copied off of my friend Tami-thank you Tami for taking pity on my uncreative soul.

I painted this plate and then had help from Kathy (a lovely woman at the pottery store) who, with a much steadier hand, wrote these words:

In this home....

We do second chances.

We do grace.

We do real (and if you know us you know this is true!).

We do mistakes (true also).

We do "I'm sorry".

We do loud...really well (shocking, I know).

We do hugs.

We do family.

We do love.

I have thought a lot about this plate and decided that it could also say the following:

We do life together-the good, the bad, and the ugly

We force our kids to get along

We love God

We cry

We laugh at Daddio's silly jokes (most of the time)

We do dinner together at least 6 nights out of the week

We do discipline

We do Carle's ice cream

We do not push our kids to excel at things just to make ourselves feel like good parents

We do witness miracles

We do the very best that we can with what we have been given

We are blessed by our present, past, and what is to come in the future..

I could go on and on........what do you do as a family? What would your plate say? We all have our own stories to tell......what does your story say about you?

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