story fam

story fam

Friday, March 27, 2009

Henry goes to FF

Henry done up and ready to go visit Ella
Ella measured Henry for part of a math project

Laynie, Maya, Emily, Evan and Ella love on Henry

Emily, Laynie, and Maya

Maura hugging Henry

Jaida giving Henry some snuggles

Jordan was the man-Henry rolled over for some belly rubbing for Jordan!

Today Henry was invited to go as Ella's final Featured Friend guest. We went into the back room and Ella was allowed to bring in small groups of her classmates to meet Henry and ask us questions about him. Here were some of the questions:

How old is he? Where did he come from? Why didn't you just get a puppy? And the number one question: Why does his breath smell so bad (man if we knew the answer to that question we would be so happy!)?

The kids were wonderful with Henry and Ella was so proud.

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