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story fam

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A flash back at WalMart

Today the family went to the local Walmart for some quality grocery shopping (yes, I am being sarcastic). Daddio is leaving for California tomorrow and I wanted to get food before someone else gets sick!!

As we were shopping, I had a flash back to earlier days when I would take all 5 of my little duckies to the store (yes ladies I mean all by myself). At the time of my youngest daughters birth, I had a 4 year old, two 2 year olds, a one year old and a new born. This translates into a baby carrier in one hand, a baby on my hip, and 3 little ones hanging on to various parts of my body. You can imagine the looks I got upon entering the store-and no they weren't looks of admiration!!! It never ceased to amaze me how people would walk right up and ask me questions about who these children belonged to-now may I please note here that this always stupifed me because who in their right mind would take 5 kids ages 4 and under to the store if they belonged to other people?? It was always the same-a variation on a reoccuring theme! So here are the top 10 things that people used to come and say, or ask, WHILE MY KIDS WERE STANDING THERE! Oh, and for those of you who need a mental picture...I used two of the gi-normous blue carts. I pushed one and pulled one-no one had to walk!!

10. Do they all have the same Father?
9. Have you ever heard of something called birth control?
8. Do you know what causes that? (The person would then use a sweeping gesture towards all of my little lambie pies)
7. You aren't pregnant again are you? (How rude is that? You NEVER ask a Mom of 5 children if they are pregnant-dude it's called post baby fat!)
6. Are you going to have more?
5. "Why" (Usually accompanied by a jaw that drops)
4. "Oh my"
3. Better you than me
2. "I'm sorry" (You should be for saying something so stupid in front of my kids!)
AND NUMBER ONE...and Mommies I have heard this more times than I can ever count....
1. Do you run an inhome daycare?
My now 9 year old daughter got to the point where she would cut people off who approached us by saying, "No we aren't a daycare. We're her kids and we don't want to be here."
So today as we all walked around and I pushed my one cart (which 2 girls still ride in) I had a wistful moment of those crazy days where life passed me by so quickly I think I neglected to stop and enjoy those moments at Walmart. But let me tell you this.....I can take all 5 of those kids shopping by myself and they rock it every time!!!!! Well almost every time...but if you see me out in public and I look like I'm going crazy don't feel like you have to acknowledge that you see me! I won't be offended if you just walk on by.


kate said...

Okay, I know that I have probably said some unthinking things (I believed I called your family a gaggle once?) but really? "Do they all have the same father?" That just might be the most tacky I've heard. As for "better you than me"? I could see me saying this one, but meant in a "You are so much better equipped to handle five kids. I totally couldn't do it." kind of way.

I'm impressed with the way you and Derek are raising your kids, just remember most of us speak before we think, but we never mean any harm.

(I only have three kids and I rarely get them to "rock" going through the store– more power to you honey!)

Mom to Five said...

Hey-I don't even remember the gaggle reference:) And quite frankly this posting is dedicated to the COMPLETE strangers that approached me many years ago. Of course people don't MEAN any harm-but really should keep some comments to themselves:)

Jess said...

Haha...I use to get those same questions and looks when I watched the three kids in Springfield and I was 8-9 months prego. Two of the kids were twins, and I would get looks all the time. People would look at me like, are you kidding me? You having another one? Especially when the kids were "less then angels." But I didn't mind at all. Let them think what they want. They don't have 1/2 the love and patience we do for more children. Have as many child as GOD will allow you to have. Each child you have is a blessings, and it all falls into routine when you add another one. It is crazy alot of the time, but it is your family...And you love them! That is how I have always felt..Even though, those weren't my kids, I was still close enough to being another parental figure in their life. I loved them as if they were mine. People thought I was crazy, but to me, it was just everyday life. I wouldn't have had it any other way. And that is the same for when we have more children. I can't wait for that!

kidjuggler said...

Stopping by for your party! Love the WalMart post! I am off to lurk in other parts of your blog party!! Can't wait to read more about you.