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story fam

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hearts at Home 2009

Here I am at the conference (we sat in the balcony)
This auditorium would be filled with over 4,000 Moms!!!

My friend Tami

Can you see the Go Fish guys? This place was packed for the Mom's Night Out
and the Fishy guys did NOT disappoint us! It was a rocking evening of fun praise
music that did glorify God!!!
There is nothing like singing Jesus Loves Me with 4,000 other Moms or singing How Great Is Our God and watching Moms raise their arms in the air towards our Heavenly Father.
We who are priviledged to have the title of Mom are so blessed!

Well once again my awesome husband took the day off of work (and it wasn't easy for him as he is super busy) so I could attend the National Hearts at Home Conference here in our town. I got up at the crack of dawn, took a REAL shower (if you are a Mom you understand what I mean by this), had a few cups of coffee and headed for the conference. From the minute I arrived I had a fantastic time-have you ever stood in line with a bunch of Moms who are free of kids?? We can TALK about anything!!!!
My classes were fantastic-I got my top 4 and was very pleased. I went to sessions on becoming financially free, guilt free mothering (yes, it is possible), purity (I would encourage ALL parents to seek out information on, and finally financially responsible kids. I gleaned so much information during the day.
Then it was time for our afternoon main session. Dr. Kevin Lehman was the speaker and man he spares nothing-it was super! He has just written a new book entitled How To Have A New Kid By Friday and guess what-I bought a copy. Dr. Lehman had the easiest advice on parenting-let me just say this, his "plan" is so easy 1. Say it once 2. Turn your back 3. Walk away. That's it. Seriously. I wanted a few new kids so badly that I read the entire book last night!!! I'll keep you posted on my progress.
The biggest highlight is the Mom's Night Out and this year the musical guests were a group called 4ever (a Mom and her 3 very talented daughters) and a group of 3 Dads who call themselves Go Fish (you really need to check them out at
As always, I left this conference feeling refreshed, hopeful, valued, and spiritually back on track.

If you have never been to a conference and you live in the area, I would encourage you to consider going next year-it is a really great way to recharge your Mom batteries!!!

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