story fam

story fam

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My apologies...a bit belated

Have you ever had a moment, or in my case days, when you realize that you owe someone a belated apology?? I promised I would do this so here goes.....

Dear Mom,

I am so sorry for all of the eye rolling, back talking, sarcasm, and stupid opinions that I bestowed on you during my adolescence and young adulthood. I am sorry that it has taken me being alone with my kids these past 4 days to fully realize (but please know that long ago I did start to recognize your sacrifice!) that there was not really an end to your being alone while you raised us. I am sorry that we all took you for granted and did not appreciate how exhausted you must have been day in and day out. Thank you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank you for every stitch of clean clothes, groceries, transportation and the extras that you provided. Thank you for loving me even when I forgot that you were a human being with feelings long before you became my Mother.

You are very important to me.

I love you.

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