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story fam

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Stay-cation

What do you get when you cross kids in 2 different school systems??? Well at this time of the year you get two seperate Spring Breaks. While it is a pain to have the girls home one week and the little dude home two weeks later, it does make for an excellent excuse to have to stay home!!!! A friend from church coined it the "stay-cation"-the vacation where you stay at home!! Gotta love it. Not only ist it stress free (well sort of) but it is Daddio's favorite thing: cheap!! So what have we done on Mike's stay-cation? Played WAY too much Wii, colored, played multiple rounds of Dora Chutes and Ladders (I did promise him that I wouldn't tell any of his friends that we played this game-it's for babies), got Krispey Kremes, rented a few movies, went out to dinner with Gramma Choo Choo and today we went to the museum with Aunt Anita, Addison, Avery, Aunt Jessica and Berlyn. I have to say that being here at home for the week has been nice. We haven't done a lot-but just hanging out has been a great change of pace. And I don't have all of that post vacation laundry to do over the weekend:)

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Tami said...

Sounds like you had a great week along with Michael. We are stressing ourselves out in Chicago, but the kids are having a ton of fun.