story fam

story fam

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Monday

Ella answers questions (man is she good with the microphone!)
Ella interviewing Michael

Ella asking Michael to answer questions from her classmates

Ella sharing CoCo her special Valentine gift from Harrison

Michael visited Emmy's preschool class-she was so proud to have him come into her room!

Michael helped Emmy get all of her school things into her cubby and gave her a hug before she went into her room. She worships him!

Well we survived school day number one without Daddio. Michael and I got Emmy to school and then headed on down the hall to spend an hour with Ella for her re-do of Featured Friend week. I got to read a book to the class after answering some tough questions (so how old are you?-and then I heard a little guy say, "Man she is way older than my Dad!"-ouch!) and then Michael got to answer some questions as well. We went to the park afterschool and had a pretty uneventful night (which was fine by me)! Tonight Grandma Choo Choo is treating us to McDonalds (thank you for saving me from dinner time) so that will take us to bedtime. We are all missing the Dadster and can't wait for him to come home!!!

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