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story fam

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Back" Talk

This morning I had the job of being chauffer to the girls-usually Derek takes them to school but since I am flying solo this job fell to me. I was half asleep as we drove down the road but not so sleepy that I missed the word "butt" being thrown around in the back seat. Now I realize that "butt" isn't a bad word to many people. Sorry, but it just plain annoys me to hear my kids use it! They think it is hilarous-I think it sounds bad. So I calmly asked my gang if they would stop using the word "butt" since it sounded rude and use a different word to describe their anatomy. Yep, I learned quickly that I should have been specific-I should have said, "Oh my lovely children would you please use the word bottom when talking about who you are going to punch and where?". Instead I made the mistake of leaving my request open ended.....and as a result here are the words that my kids came up with in less than 3 minutes:

tushie, patootie, buns, bum, booty, hamburger (for some reason this brought the biggest laugh??), peach buns, moon, moonie, big moon (this one was directed at me...why did they add big??), tootie booty, jiggly tushie, jiggle bottom....

There were even more but I'll stop with these variations. Wanna know the worst part? By the time we pulled into the circle drive I was laughing hysterically. I know that's wrong-believe me I know.

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Jenny86753oh9 said...

Hee, hee...this made me giggle as I'm ALWAYS reminding my boys that they can come up with a better name for the backside, than butt.