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story fam

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Running Man

Michael and Patrick at the finish line!
On Sunday Michael competed in his first official 3k run at Central Catholic High School. He ran 3 miles in 36 minutes and came in 3rd place for his age group (ages 13 and under). So what you say? Big deal, I say. It isn't about the 3rd place and it isn't about the medal that he wore all day Sunday and then to school on Monday. It's about his song-and Michael's God song is running. I first heard about "the song" in our Wednesday night parenting class. Our leader asked us, "What is your child's song?". Hmm....I had to ponder that one. I quickly could figure out a few of those songs......drama for Ella, reading for Peris, Fiona...well anything that incurs danger suits her just fine, and as for Emmy I would have to say any social activity. But what about Michael? I started to struggle. He doesn't like organized sports, games, groups. He is self conscious and has a lower self esteem than the girls. And then it hit Derek and I (no his song is not Mario Kart!!)-his song is running. He LOVES to run-with people, alone it just doesn't matter. So we decided last fall to hit the running hard this spring-not competitively but recreationally. We are praying that the running turns into something more than just his feet hitting the pavement-we pray that it builds his self confidence and helps him focus his energy. So sure the medal is nice-but for the record, he thought he received the medal for having the loudest cheerleaders which meant just as much to him. It isn't about being the fastest-it's all about the cheerleaders who are yelling for you along the way and at the end of the race.

PS-Thank you Patrick for investing in my son. You are very special.

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