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story fam

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month and as a Mom to two children who are diagnosed as being on the spectrum it is important to get the word out. The increase in children being diagnosed with autism is staggering. When Michael and Emmy were diagnosed, the ratio of children being diagnosed with autism was 1 in 150. Now just years later this number has changed. Throughout the month of April I will be posting on different issues related to autism that have affected our own family.
During the month of April, I would encourage everyone to become educated about autism-it WILL affect you in some way...if it hasn't already. Please do not fall prey to the myth that autism ='s the movie Rainman. And please do not succumb to the notion that autistic kids are misdiagnosed kids with behavioral problems whose parents don't/won't discipline them (this will get me fired up quicker than just about anything).

Please remember that time is brain! If you have any concerns about your own child or a child that you love seek help. Early intervention is key to your childs success. Start with your pediatrician or a trusted organization such as Easter Seals.
And most importantly, if you know someone with autism please reach out to them and their family. You will learn so much-you will be blessed. I have learned some of the most important life lessons from a special little guy, JT, who prepared me for my own journey with autism. Through his love I was able to see past a label that my own children received and I learned that a word does not encompass who we are inside.

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