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story fam

Friday, April 10, 2009

Emmy's Preschool Program

Have you ever held on to a promise so tightly that it hurt? Have you ever wished so hard for something to come true that your heart aches? Have you ever believed when the odds are stacked against you? Have you ever known deep in the depths of your very being that with God truly anything is possible but doubted? I have done all of these things.

Yesterday I witnessed the fruition of years of sacrifice and hard work. I witnessed a promise come true: For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. My youngest daughter, the very child that I was told would not walk, talk, socialize, etc. performed in her preschool program amongst her typical peers. Not one shred of evidence was present to indicate her struggles. Yesterday was victory day-victory for every therapist, Doctor, friend, family member, church member, and unnamed people who prayed for our daughter without knowing who she was. I wish that each person who has invested in Emmy could have filled up the all purpose room to watch her shine (and boss her friend around when he sat in the wrong spot).

The pictures below are from the program-it was sweet to watch all of the little kids perform. Their eyes were so bright and their voices were so loud!! It was a day of joy and pride for all of the parents who attended.

I was humbly reminded that in God's perfect time, ALL things ARE possible through Christ who gives us strength.

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