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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review-Multiple Bles8ings-Kate Gosselin

Alright. I'm sticking to a review of the book!!!! This was on my list for the Spring Reading Thing through Cadapillar Days (see early post in March) and I finished it over the weekend.
Show me a woman who is in the public eye and shares her faith with a bold fierceness and you've got me at Season One of Jon and Kate Plus 8!! Beyond the tv show and beyond the criticism that Jon and Kate openly receive, this book is awesome. It really does tell the beautiful story of a woman who FULLY relies on God to sustain her through infertility, job loss, pregnancy, bed rest, a second job loss, financial turmoil, loss of family members, and then the arrival of the six little bundles that America has come to love. Kate tells an engaging story of her triumph over the ups and downs of having twins and sextuplets with an honesty that she is often criticised for. I find it refreshing!!
I do have one complaint-she does make a statement in her book about feeling like an exhibit at the zoo when she and the kids are out in public-hmmmm....perhaps this is a result of a) her reality tv show and b) a book about said Mom and children?
That being said, I appreciate Kate sharing her faith and her honest feelings about her life post 8 children-it can't always be pretty and she transparently shares that with the reader.
Now how I feel about the tv show is a whole different blog posting!
This is a book that I would recommend to other readers. It does remind me as the reader that God is good ALL the time!
Happy reading!!!!

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Veggiemomof2 said...

I've heard her say that about being stared at since the beginning of the tv show. I think it's always been like that because she has 6 kids of same age. Course I think families with 8 kids of all ages would still be stared at because it's just not as common as it use to be!