story fam

story fam

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cross Pointe Ladies Night Out @ Artful Designs

Sue, Joanne, Sue, Tami, me
Sue and Tami getting ready to paint

Tami hard at work!

Joanne and I

Sue getting ready to create Italian inspired tiles

Joanne won the "coolest paint technique" award! I can't wait to see her piece after it is done!! Part of her glaze will "explode" in the kiln to create this watery effect-it looked awesome even as she was painting!

For the month of February, I sponsored a Ladies Night Out at a local pottery place this past Thursday. There were snacks, drinks, and a lot of laughing and fellowship. It personally took me over half of the evening just to pick out a piece to paint (thank you Tami for letting me copy). I really enjoyed just hanging out with some awesome ladies in an environment that was kid free!!!

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