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story fam

Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...the sickness continues

Okay, I have 2 kids on the mend and 2 that are not doing so hot. I am sick of coughing, used tissues, and red crusty noses. None of us are sleeping and I want Spring to come NOW!!

This week is chaotic as the play opens on Friday. I am grateful for Presidents Day-at least it is a day home. Peris does have practice from 9-1 so she will be gone. I will be glad when the play is over-it has been a great experience but she is exhausted.

My menu is okay for the week. I'm going to put in a few new things for the fam to try. We cannot live on mac and cheese alone!!!

Monday - Baked parmigian chicken with noodles and sauce on the side

Tuesday - Mac and Cheese

Wednesday - Turkey

Thursday - Stroganoff meatballs over egg noodles (new)

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Michael's carnival so we are eating at Prairieland

Sunday - Chili, cornbread (I still haven't made this from 2 weeks ago!)

Head over to for some really good recipes!!! That's where I'll be heading to see if I can perk our meals up for next week!!!!

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Dawn said...

I hope your kids are all feeling better soon. I had one sick last week and so far, it hasn't gone through the rest of the house-hopefully it won't. Have a nice day off! My kids are off all week.