story fam

story fam

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It is time....for the windows to be opened!!! The heat is blasting and I don't care!! It is almost 50 degrees and I need to have some new oxygen circulating in this house that is infested with germs!! The slider is open as well as all of the upstairs windows. I can feel the air pouring in and I love how it smells!!! It's the promise of good weather to come.

Fiona and Emmy are both under the weather. I sent Peris off with a sore throat so I am sure she will bite the dust next. She is just too busy-a nine year old should not have her schedule. As I have mentioned before-lesson learned. Hey-we've never had a nine year old before thus she must pave the way-poor thing.

I have the little ones settled watching PBS kids-yesterday went downhill very quickly so I am armed with the remote today. We will take Henry for a walk later (if I can find the tire pump for the jogging stroller) and we might make some play doh.

It sure does feel good to have this breeze.....

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