story fam

story fam

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Menu

I am almost ashamed to post my menu this week. As of today, I have one child home sick with RSV/early pneumonia (that would be Emmy) and one child home with a cold and fever (that would be Fiona). Throw in tech week for the Wiz (Peris), late nights for the hubby (Derek), piano lessons and chess (Ella, Michael, and Peris)..oh, I forgot circus practice, a doctor's appointment, my work, reading partners, ice skating, a birthday party and valentine's day-whew. Needless to say, my menu was adjusted over the weekend and will be readjusted for the week depending on illness. Here is what I hope to serve at some point during the week...

Monday - chicken nuggets, veggie, fruit

Tuesday - grilled cheese, veggie, fruit

Wednesday - Hot dogs, fries, fruit

Thursday - Tortellini, meat sauce, bread, salad

Friday - Pizza

Sat. - Valentine's meal
Burgers on the grill (our family favorite lovingly prepared by Daddio)
Curly fries
Pink cake with pink icing and sprinkles

Sunday - Chili (from last Sunday)

If desperate, I always have the makings of breakfast night-God bless the waffle iron.

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