story fam

story fam

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Fam

This picture is from the Autism Society Dinner-don't we look like a happy family? I wanted to have a photo taken for our Christmas card but it was too dark. We are having a good Saturday. I am feeling good, we went to the library and may even go to the pool later on after dinner. The kids are all getting along nicely and I'm going to try and crochet. The kids are all greatful for a break from school. They were zoning out at lunch time-it was hilarious.
I love lazy, sunny days where we can just enjoy the moment!!


Anonymous Drifter said...

A lovely picture.

Mom to Five said...

Thank you.

Rh said...

Kara! I love your blog. I can't believe the kids are so big! I know, Sean is in kindergarten too and I shouldn't be surprised. They are all so beautiful. I also loved reading your bio, because it reminds me of why I like you so much. You are just like me. Hahaaa. LOVE TO CROCHET!!!! I am working on 8 afghans and 8 pairs of slippers simultaneously (7 nieces' and Sean's Christmas presents). That's hot work in the summer! We miss you all alot, give everyone a kiss from us.
Love Renny